What If?

Today’s blog is all about POSSIBILITIES!


…you simply wake up one day realizing that you had evolved so much your life so far felt like someone else’s story.

…you could at that moment of recognition, write the rest of your life from a place of empowerment, a place of conscious decisions, a place of spiritual connection, a place called yourself.

…you realize the past is a history lesson, all events were simply a classroom experience, and you are better for the wisdom.

…all emotional ups and downs are but bricks of empowered fortification in your true spirit.

…you now realize that you are stronger than you have ever been, more connected to love than you have ever been, more in charge of yourself than you have ever been, and more able to live life as you desire than you have ever been.

… the over-stuffed suitcase filled with heartrending history that you dragged through life can now be dropped, left by the curbing for the trash man to carry off to a place more suitable than your consciousness.

…you now understand tears are a blessing and it is OK to open your heart even if it might get hurt again.

…you are not afraid to sing your own tune and dance your own dance, even if your tune is off key and your dance has an unrecognized syncopated beat.

…you can look into the face of someone that has caused you discomfort and bless not only the experience, but also bless the essence of that someone.

…you remain unaffected when someone simply does not have the ability to understand you.

…it rains on your picnic and you enjoy getting wet.

…you can look at the new wrinkles around your eyes to delight when they turn upward as you smile, consider grey hair a crown of honor – well earned.

…you realized that choice can be re-considered – it is OK to change your mind.

…you allow yourself to move through the darkened tunnel of emotional disquietude to find yourself immersed within the Light of Love.

…you are able to honor the fact that it bothers you deep within your heart when you witness man’s inhumanity to man.

…you wake up every morning in the new day knowing that which was not accomplished may be finished, those imperfections of yesterday are quite satisfactory, and you know you can begin again the same, differently, or choose another activity.

…the heart-warming music you hear is literally coming from the depths of your own soul.

All are possibilities!

True Self – Eminently Connected.

Could there be anything better?

What blessings!

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