Bigger Dreams

According to our cat, Sir George…

To get dinner every night, he has to follow a rather specific procedure.  At the first sign of tummy growling, he goes through the kitty door at the bottom of the screened porch door. While standing on his hind legs, he boxes continually on the glass kitchen door.  Sometimes this boxing continues for an hour or so; sometimes longer.  Then, when I finally come out with his food, he walks through my legs twice before hurrying outside to the exact spot where his bowl was placed last time.  His system never varies.

If I surprise Sir George by placing his bowl down before he is ready, or by coming outside through another door, he’ll still follow the same procedure of entering the porch, boxing, and circling.  The food remains in its proper location, unnoticed. I’ve even picked him up and placed him in front of the bowl of food, but if the procedure of porch, boxing, and circling has not been precisely followed, he will leave the food to go through his routine.  Because he is so conditioned to his set procedure, he has no way of noticing his food often comes from another direction.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”  Often our tunneled vision limits us because we think our goals can be accomplished only one way.  Yet, if a bigger, grander, more wonderful experience were to be forthcoming in our lives, would we even recognize it, especially if it were presented differently?

Perhaps there’s a greater plan than any of us could even possibly imagine. If hearts are fixated on smaller standards you cannot recognize larger ideals. Don’t keep boxing at the glass petition between you and your dreams. That’s no different from being in a tiny rowboat while furiously paddling upstream, going nowhere. Dreams may just be fulfilled in ways greater than you could ever imagine.

Right now, with pen and paper in hand, write down your fondest dream.  Include as many details as you possibly can.  Explain ways how it could happen, what you needed to do, and how your life would change if this dream came true.

Next, pause a moment to deeply imagine as if the results of these dreams were coming true. On another piece of paper write the resulting increase of this dream specific to your own life; write how you would feel as if this dream came true.  In other words, use results oriented words such as pleasure, wisdom, joy, love, etc., to describe your situation as if this dream came true.   Keep this paper for it is the most important. Throw the first one away.

Those are the words you then use to include in your life affirmations.  I know joy, I am joyous, my joy increases daily may be similar to your own affirmations. You do not need any more details of how the dreams should happen.

Instead, just feel the truth of your affirmations with every cell in your body as if they already were part of your life. Then, instead of following a specific Sir George routine of making those results come true, just take baby steps into their direction, letting God (Universe, Higher Power, etc.) do the work. Your possibilities may be greater than you ever imagined.

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