I salute those of you who are courageous enough to follow your soul’s direction even though you have no idea of the details, results, or purpose of your journey. You who intuit from the depths of your hearts that certain choices must be made, do certain things, or live in ways unimaginable to others often cannot explain reasons behind your choices, but know from the depths of your being it cannot be any other way. Truly, you are the courageous who are able to make positive differences in this world.

I salute both men and women who go your own way, acknowledging your particular gifts of Spirit along your journey. Even though you often are unique puzzle pieces who cannot fit into the ordinary status quo of the world’s puzzle, you forge ahead anyhow, becoming teachers of wisdom and torchbearers for others, showing them a new way. You assist in awakening our universe to possibilities far beyond ordinary perception.

I salute the brave who go against the grain of humanity’s wayward directions, realizing life’s choices must be re-chosen, what is considered the norm is not always optimal, and there is always a better way. Your soul’s journey formulates an eclectic soul dance that moves to tunes heard by only you and God. You are the change-agents, assisting others to reconnect to themselves and others with greater inclusiveness as well as spiritual intent.

I salute all who forge ahead regardless of your tears, anguish, and personal fears. Your laughter is found in the twinkling of your own eyes, pools of ecstasy bemused by Spirit’s authenticity. You are the Lightseekers, without whom the whole of humanity would remain in darkness.

I salute all who keep seeking, exploring, and positively changing. I salute your humanity, your unique spirit, as well as your individual beauty discovered in the recesses of your own authenticity. I salute your interconnectedness, your love, and your glory. Allow yourselves to twinkle like sunlight on the stream’s rippling waters for God’s Light shines brightly through you.

The world needs you, and always will.

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Backyard Wisdom Paddy Fievet